PhD - Models of care

Which model of nursing care delivery promotes best outcomes for patients?

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences,
Oxford Brookes University  


Dr. Helen Aveyard

Prof Debra Jackson

Dr Ann Bradshaw

Clinical Collaborator

Professor Catherine Stoddart, Chief Nurse, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


Over the past two decades models of nursing care have been scrutinised, and debate continues as to the most effective approach in relation to actual patient and staff outcomes. As we move into a future environment that features a more varied skill mix, it is crucial that we develop a strong evidence base around the most efficacious ways of delivering nursing care.

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Applicants should be of the highest quality and capable of submitting a PhD thesis within 4 years alongside undertaking clinical duties within the trust. The successful applicant’s should have a first class or upper second class (minimum 2.1) honours degree from a Higher Education Institution in the UK or an acceptable equivalent qualification from a recognised Higher Education Institution. A Master’s degree with research methods training and/or evidence of the skills required for higher research study would be desirable. 

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