PIPOx - Pressure Injury Prevention Oxford


Pressure ulcers or bedsores are a major cause of preventable harm to patients, ranked as the highest burden with the NHS Safety Thermometer. Physically pressure injuries can cause pain, blood stream and bone infections and the need for long-term wound care or surgery. Socially and emotionally patients report a diminished quality of life and financial concerns due to long-term dependence and treatment.

Pressure ulcers can be a chronic condition taking many months to heal, or failing to heal altogether. In hospital and care settings, prevention, management and treatment can be very labour and equipment intensive accounting for 4% of the NHS annual budget. Patients, however, are often managed in the community where treatment, prevention strategies and the human and economic costs of pressure injury are poorly understood.

To address this, an evidence base is needed to benchmark the issues surrounding pressure injuries in the community.

PIPOx aims to explore the prevalence and characteristics of pressure injuries specifically focusing on patients receiving care in their own home, an under-reported subset of the community. PIPOx research will provide a valuable insight into community care that could ultimately allow the identification of risk factors to allow resources to be directed appropriately to prevent and manage pressure injuries within the community.

PiPOx Team:

Prof Debra Jackson (Team Leader)

Dr Jo Brooke

Dr Lisa Durrant (Project Manager)

Dr Helen Aveyard

Dr William Padula

Ria Betteridge

Sarah Gardiner

Neesha Oozageer Gunowa (PhD Candidate)

A/Prof Marie Hutchinson

Prof Stephen Neville

Prof Kim Usher

Professor Graeme Smith