Health Workforce Planning and Patient Safety Research

Health Workforce Planning and Patient Safety Research

The Health Workforce Planning and Patient Safety Research is a highly productive group of nurse researchers who aim to enhance patient care, and contribute to an inclusive, resilient and sustainable health workforce through the exploration and interrogation of professional practice, particularly how it can be developed, nurtured and sustained. We are committed to supporting the development of a robust nursing workforce that is well-prepared to meet the needs of individuals, families and communities. We use our research findings to design interventions that can enhance patient safety, reduce harm to patients, foster appropriate leadership in health care, and optimise professional practice and on-going professional learning. Our researchers are interested in all stages of professional development from neophyte to expert practitioner, and in health care across the spectrum of primary health care through to acute and highly technological care.

Research Themes

Leadership in health care

Health-care professional education

Models of care delivery

Resilience and vulnerability in health care

Health workforce resilience and adversity

Health management

Patient safety and health care quality

Social and cultural diversity in health care

Recent Projects

Members of the group have recently concluded projects or are currently conducting ongoing projects in relation to:

  • Trialling and evaluating a career progression and retention pathway for band 5 nurses in a large NHS Foundation Trust
  • Clinical academic pathway for non-medical staff: are they effective?
  • Minority experiences in the NHS:  A qualitative study into the views and experiences of black and minority ethnic (BME) users and family members or carers
  • Developing an end-of-life care pathway for the Emergency Department
  • Developing a clinical doctoral pathway for nursing, midwifery and allied health professional staff
  • Enhancing perioperative care for people affected by dementia
  • A qualitative study of unmet needs of community and hospital patients with pressure injuries.
  • Minority experiences in the NHS: A qualitative study into the views and experiences of black and minority ethnic users and family members or carers
  • Building research capacity in nursing through mentoring NIHR research nurses 
  • Experiences of people with serious mental illness in the acute hospital setting
  • An in-depth community analysis of the prevalence and nature of pressure injuries.
  • Patient safety competence among nursing students.
  • Public perceptions of nursing
  • Optimising the role of nurses in reducing unplanned readmissions within 30 days of hospital discharge for people over 75 years
  • Nursing students' knowledge and attitudes to pressure ulcer prevention.
  • Pressure injury: an international policy analysis.
  • Supporting the Process of Students Raising and Escalating Concerns (Whistle Blowing) in Practice
  • Developing practice-based scholarship, research literacy and research capacity in Forensic Mental Health Nursing
  • Surviving and thriving in the face of workplace adversity: an intervention to develop personal resilience in nurses and midwives
  • Innovation in education to reduce medication errors
  • Exploration of barriers and enablers to facilitate people over the age of 65 years to remain socially engaged and fully participate in a rural community
  • The utilisation of complementary and alternative medicine for children: a mixed methods study to examine parental attitudes and information sources
  • Examining the functionality of portfolios as a tool to personal and professional learning
  • Mindfulness in maternity care
  • Developing and implementing a leadership capacity building program for teaching and learning in nursing
  • Violence in the hospital setting: Testing the predictive validity of a violence assessment tool for nurses

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Research Team

Dr Helen Walthall (Team Leader)

Professor Debra Jackson 

Dr Obrey Alexis

Mamdooh Alzyood (PhD candidate)

Dr Helen Aveyard

Emma Blakey (PhD candidate)

Helen Bosley (PhD candidate)

Dr Jo Brooke

Dan Butcher

Alicia Diaz Gil

Kathleen Greenway

Neesha Oozageer Gunowa (PhD candidate)

Dr Cathy Henshall

Dr Louise Hunter

Nadeem Khan (PhD candidate)

Dr Verna Lavender

Ella Reeves (PhD candidate)

Dr Sue Schutz

Dr Louise Stayt

Dr Liz Westcott